COLORS OF LIFE fully acknowledges the child’s home as the first school and their parents as the first teacher. We therefore insist on working in partnership with parents for the benefit of their children. Parents are always welcome to visit and be involved with their valuable suggestions.

Our objective is:
  • To offer the child an opportunity to investigate and explore the cultural and social diversity of the beautiful world around them.
  • To enable the child to learn the colours of life through affection, stories, songs, cuddles, laughter, hugs etc.
  • To offer high standards of professional care and education in an active, joyful, safe and secure environment.
  • To encourage the child to take initiative in group activities.
  • To encourage the child to improve communication and interpersonal skills through prudent and extensively planned activities.
  • To impart moral education in playful manner.
  • To inculcate the attributes of positivity, patience, discipline, passion, drive, self-reliance, social skills, self-confidence, humility, leadership and team work.
  • To be adaptable to child’s requirement.
  • To provide qualified experienced staff to take personal care of every individual child.


Values embedded with knowledge


To unfold the budding talent and prime potential of each child to develop them as top-notch leaders of tomorrow.


To ensure overall development of the child.


To provide an enjoyable learning atmosphere that stimulates curiosity and interest during the dawn of a child’s life.

Founder Members

The founder members of the school include Chitpriya Shekhar and Shashank Shekhar.Chitpriya Shekhar has done B.E. in Industrial engineering from SRKNEC, Nagpur, MBA in Human Resource Management and is currently pursuing PhD in Human Resource Management from BIT Mesra. She has 6+ years experience in education sector. Shashank Shekhar has done B.E. from BIT Mesra, Ranchi and MBA from S.P.Jain. He has 11+ years of industrial experience. He is currently pursuing PhD from BIT Mesra.